Why Windows 10 Is The Next Best Thing You Should Own?

To excel at any task, the most important thing is that you have access to the best of the technologies. Today, the technology has reduced manual work and fastened the machine work for effective results. It helps in quicker, reliable and smarter results. There has been a constant upgrade in the available software and systems. Windows 10 is the latest powerful operating system, which has many advanced features and enables its user to get maximum benefits. It is user-friendly with a lot of smart features that make it appealing.

Let us explore some of the Windows 10 best shortcuts that it provides to its users:

Start menu

The older versions of Windows 7 or 8 had done away with the start menu which bought in lot confusion among its users. The return of the start menu in Windows 10 has proved to be a great comeback. Now, by clicking on the start menu, you can have access to all the recent, pinned and most used apps in one go. Also, the right tiles feature helps you customize your apps which make it all the more loving.


Cortana is a virtual assistant built into the operating system. It can be used to ease your work without lifting your hand. It makes multitasking easier. You can just take Cortana’s assistance to send emails, make search or make changes that you might feel lazy to do. It helps you get the desired results while you complete your another important assignment.

Microsoft Edge

The long used internet explorer is replaced by Microsoft edge. This new features include PDF support and also enables you to edit your work by directly drawing on web pages and also share those through social networking websites without leaving the browser. The Cortana support is also featured to easily pull out any information without much hassle.

Windows Sna:

Windows 10 helps you multitask through this window snap feature. You can simultaneously use the internet browser and word document. It helps you work on four windows side by side and hence make your work a lot easier.

XBOX feature

Windows 10 also keeps in mind about your leisure hours. The Xbox app enables you to play any Xbox One game on your pc or tablet. The gaming experience is improved, speedy and enables you to stream games through your home network.


Windows 10 enables you to switch between tablet or laptop mode based on the way you are using it. It will self detect the use and allow the user to switch modes for convenient interaction.

All in all, Windows 10 is the powerhouse of improved features, enhanced options and is definitely user-friendly. It helps you make your work fun and exciting. If you want to explore improved versions and keep yourself updated with the latest technology, Windows 10 is your new friend!

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