Major Web Analytics to Keep Track Of

Web analytics tools help you collect and analyze what occurs on your website. It covers everything from what kind of visitors come, from where they come, what they do, what content they prefer and lots more. You know what does not work, so that you can avert your site in the appropriate direction.

You will be surprised to find vast data metrics from web analytics. On Metapress, you will learn how to use such valuable metric reports to improve your website experience. For example, ‘time on site’ metric allows you to know average time visitors spend on your site and on individual pages.

If visitors spend few seconds on the landing page and leave then there is something wrong. On an average, visitors spend three minutes on majority of websites.

Major web analytics to keep track of

Plenty of metrics can be used to monitor website activities using analytical tools.

Overall traffic

Web traffic means the number of visitors on the website within a specific time period. The figure defines your websites performance like does it get the deserved attention. For example, if you get 65 visitors in a day then this figure is low, especially when your website is around for more than a year.

If your online store was launched one month ago then this figure is decent. Numbers increase as website grows old but if traffic stagnates or reduces then something is not correct. It can be due to SEO, so start analyzing it.

Bounce rate

Visitors leaving site without viewing second page means a bounce. Bounce rate is crucial because you get to know that there are some critical usability issues. Common bounce rate causes are –

  • Slow loading
  • Clunky navigation
  • Unattractive web design

If bounce rate is more than 30% then closely evaluate the above causes.

Traffic sources

Pages linking to your website are traffic sources, which can be got from –

  • Search engines
  • Other sites
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media

Search engines are your primary focus because consistent good ranking makes it easy to get links as you will be regarded as reputable source. You can monitor traffic source and adjust strategy accordingly.

Existing and new visitors

Ideally, visitors need to visit again and are called return visitors. If return visitor’s metric is less than 20% means you need to improve engagement level. It can be because of usability issue or content quality.

Many businesses don’t monitor their metrics. It can work but with so many analytical tools available, why not take advantage of them. For example, if a specific strategy does not work then why waste time and effort on it. Make a turn and focus more on the ones that are profitable.

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